Wednesday, 21 December 2011


This is my first ever full finished painting completed in Photoshop, with my new tablet I got this term, I hope you like. :]

Click for bigger picture. (C) To me, Pixelmonstah

Also, I have a new DA, please watch me there for the full size of this painting and new art! <3

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The splendours of photoshop!

Did some photo-manips in Photoshop the past couple of days, Photoshop and Retouching is something I'd like to get quite good at. I'll like to be able to design Movie Posters or Retouch Photo's at a professional level, one day.

Original covers:

Click for full view!

And a fake cover for Yuka Masaki's new single, cause I loved the original cover/

Click for full view!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Blender's awesome way of making chocolate with Fluid Simulation + The beginnings of Major Project!

Hey all!

So it's that time of year again that we start the final major project, which is split into both collaborative and personal projects, and I am infact quite excited for it!

But before I go on with that, I was shown this awesome video of Fluid Simulation in Blender that I thought was awesome.

It makes me want chocolate so bad...I should stop watching it.

Anyway, for my major project I'll be doing 2 collaborative projects and 2 personal projects, involving:

Collab 1. Animating a playful dragon
Collab 2. Animating dancing mannequins
Personal 1. Human walk cycle as part of 'Body Mechanics'
Personal 2. Real-life animal animated sequence

The dragon i'll be animating is a cute and playful dragon, so I get to watch video like this all day for 'reference':

HE'S SO CUTE. *dies*

I love my course. <3

Wa-ha! Done!

I think it's time to stop fiddling with my blog and actually post some things....yees. I will fiddle with it later, lol. on a random note, I found this picture today, and I thought it was stunning.

What do you think?