Sunday, 24 March 2013

Production Update: Large Animation Update!

Not much has happened this week asides from continuing on with the animations I have started. I've updated the Dragon and Centaur animations, as well as posting a couple of new Fae animations! (The main character for our game).

I changed the dragon's flight cycle a little from last time, re-animating him to be more more erratic like a bat, due to his small size. The dragon bite swoop has also been improved on, but still needs a lot of work!


Friday, 15 March 2013

Production Update: In-game progression.

So it's time for another update! At the moment I am just continuing with in-game animation, as before. This week I begun to do the Centaur Walk Forward animation for the game. It's still only being blocked out at this stage, but I have been concentrating on getting the feet poses right. This is it's progress so far, however still needs a lot of working on over the coming weeks.

I've also been working more on the Dragon's bite animation this week, improving from the last video I posted. After pondering it over and discussing it with my tutor, I decided to was bes to change the animation, so that the dragon would do a swooping bite, instead of just a rear back and bite. This proved to be a bit easier to animate, and it always looked better balance and motion wise, too.
This is the animation roughed out so far. Will be working into it more in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Production Update: More In-Game Animation!

Continuing on with some in-game animation, I begun to use my rig for the Bark Basher a couple of days ago to begin animating the in-game walk forward for the Bark Basher. It's going good, however there are still many tweaks to make and smoothing to do!

I've also been trying to rough out the animation for the dragon's in-game bite attack, however it's been a bit of a struggle trying to get the poses and the balance right. It's not animated yet, so it's just a rough out, but this is the anticipation for the bite so far..

I'm still not liking the look of it. Will have to keep trying until I get the base animation right. I will keep hacking at it in the coming week!