Thursday, 27 December 2012

More pre-production...

Deadline is in 10 days, steadily approaching. Time to show some other pre-production work I have been doing. I've been working on the strafe and idle research for the Fae (the main character in the game), however I've found it difficult to find video research of people strafing, oddly enough. So I made some thumbnails of the LAVs that I have recorded. (Which I will not be posting xD).

Looking at some goat anatomy, to figure out the structure of the leg to better see how the Fae's legs will move, as he has goat's legs. (In the style of)

And Idle animatic I quickly did to flesh out some of the poses before I will be animating it in CG further down the line. 

Asides from work on the Fae, I've also been researching for the girl wave animation I will be doing. I've decided a beckon will be better instead of a wave, so I did a beckon in my LAV's, which I used to then create the thumbnails and the (very) rough animatic. I found it hard to find video reference for this animation as well, so once again, LAV's are my best friend!

Girl beckon thumbnails. The red arrows indicate the motion of the arm and body.

Just some images of girl's waving for reference. It does actually help to see the shape and pose of their hand, to see how far apart their fingers are, and the distance they are holding their hand from their body. It's made me notice children tend to keep their hands more close to their face when waving.

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