Thursday, 29 November 2012

So about a week ago, we began the 'Specialist Animation 2' project, involving us in finding a good high poly model to rig with The Setup Machine in Maya, and then composite the animation into some live action footage!

We were given permission to use free models from the internet, so I decided to use the Albertosaurus model from the infamous Albertosaurus rig. Not only is it a good model with a great texture, I get to animate a friggin' dinosaur! Aww right.

So we went out as a group to film footage of where we were going to place our models. In the end we chose beaut park in Cardiff. I chose to have my dinosaur walking around and jumping on these large circles of stones which are a feature in beaut park, figuring the stones with the tree's behind them would make a decent setting!

These are the storyboards I used to plan out my animation, to plan his movement and actions for the footage. I decided I wanted him to walk between the stones, sniffing the floor before jumping onto the large rock in the middle.

Before all this though, I began to rig the model using 'The Setup Machine' before deciding my animation, as we only had this first week to rig and skin our models. These are screenshots I have taken of the rigging process.

Once the rigging and default skinning is completed, it's now onto tweaking the skinning to make the model deform nicely before animation!

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