Thursday, 3 January 2013

Researching for the Boss Character...The Bark Basher.

For part of our game. 'ECHOES', one of my colleagues is making the boss character for the game, nicknamed; the 'Bark Basher'. He's going to have heavy bark shield like arms, whilst having a crab's body. I'm having quite an involvement with this character as I will be rigging him, doing a couple of in-game animations for him (the walk forward and death) and will be animating him in one of the cinematics.

Since he has such heavy arms, I've decided to look at Gorilla's for reference as they move predominantly with their arms, as the BB (Bark Basher) will.

 Below are the rough animatics I made as rough pose reference for the BB's walk forward, with the Gorilla as front arm reference and the spider walk cycle as his legs.

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