Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Production Update: 1st Submittal. (Part 1 - Personal)

So today we had our first submittal for Major Project, where we were asked to hand-in everything we have done so far to show the tutors how far along we are, and for a last chance at some in-depth written feedback from them before deadline. So this will be a good chance to show the work I have done so far. Today I will just post the update on my personal work, and then the game animations tomorrow.

Starting with my personal Project, there was a bit of a change to what I am doing, as I am no longer doing the Dinosaur composite that I posted about before. I decided last week, that I would trash that project to work on my colleagues compositing film, by animating her Elephant. I am now animating a shot for her, as well as doing an Elephant walk. I've also been trying to update my Tiny rig animation, although it is still not finished.


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