Wednesday, 16 January 2013

End of Pre-production

Pre-Production finally ended today (We got a 2 day extension). So today and tomorrow I'll be uploading some more stuff I did for pre-production while we begin working on Production from tomorrow.

So, onto the last bouts of the pre-production!

These were the storyboards I did for the 10 second 'Dragon Cinematic' for our game 'ECHOES'. The idea was for the main character to walk into shot as the scene will play mid-game. As he walks in, the dragon will fly past him and land on a tree, giving a roar.

I put the storyboards shots together to make this rough animatic GIF to give a better sense to the timing and motion of the cinematic.

Asides from the storyboards and the rough cinematic, I decided to do a (very) rough CG pre-viz of the cinematic, to get a slightly better reference of how the scene will be placed, timed and animated.

I also repeated this process fro the Bark Basher intro cinematic, the boss character for our game.

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