Thursday, 17 January 2013

End of Pre-Production...Part 2

Ending yesterday's post (And ending Pre-Production once and for all!), the final thing I was working on for 'Echoes' was the rigging of the boss character, the Bark Basher.

To go ahead with the rigging in production, I needed to make a good plan of where the joints of the rig would go, and how they would move. So to do this I made a basic test rig to try out almost a beta version of the rig, and also planned where they joints and the controls which will be used will go, into the artist's turnaround.

Over-all, I found this part fun times! Here's a look at.

 My rigging plan on the Artist's turnarounds. Turnaround and design by Fen Evetts!

So...That's pre-production finally over....yay!

Onto the fun stuff! ANIMATING.

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