Friday, 25 January 2013

Finally, Production!

So, from the 16th we finally moved onto production of our Major Project, and our game, 'ECHOES'. There's been a lot of preparing up to this point so it's nice to finally get onto making what we have been planning for awhile.

So far I have been animating the girl wave/beckon for our game (I showed some pre-production of it a couple of posts back). After speaking to my tutor, it was decided it looked more natural for her to put her hand on the tree and she peeked around, before doing the hand gesture. The only problem this caused was switching between FK to IK, as I couldn't get the poses to line up properly, so they would snap between frames, which, obviously, didn't look good. So In the end, I re-did the animation with just IK arms, as the motion of the arm follows the hand in this case, so even though the hand was in the air, I could also get away with animating it this way easily.

It's obviously not completed yet, but this is how it looks thus far.

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