Thursday, 1 March 2012

Working on a new painting, and animation!

I'm currently working on a new painting inspired by a photography concept my friend wants to do, although the plan for my image is much darker. If all goes well, we should also be shooting this concept, as she is a model, which will be posted here!

The painting is called 'The girl who talks to crows'. I've Been collecting some images from the internet as reference and inspiration for my idea.

Getting some idea? ;D

After a failed attempt at starting drawing the image, I began to thumbnail the layout and image that I want the image to look like. Thumbnailing is so useful to get a good understanding what you want before you do it, Ive recently got into this technique of thumbailing before I draw. The image comes out so much better because it is planned first, instead of flying blind (how I used to work) and ultimately opening yourself to more mistakes. If you are simply doing some spontaneous drawing is it fine, but if you have a particular concept and/or image in mind, I would recommend thumbaniling and planning first!

Not the best drawing, but thumbs don't have to be. As long as you have the basic image clearly drawn for you to understand it, you've done a good job!

As the painting goes on, I'll also be posting WIPS here so you can see how I work and how I paint. I'll also be showing some of my animated walk cycle soon as well!

Stay tuned! ;)

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