Saturday, 3 November 2012

First previews of Pre-Production

A quick update inbetween posts!

Before we begun the Specialist Animation 1 project, we did a week of Pre-production for our upcoming major project at the end of the year. For my 3rd year showreel/Major project, me and my uni colleagues will be creating a game called 'ECHOES', a fantasy RPG game. I'm the lead animator for the project, and will be producing some of the in-game animations for the game, as well as two 10 second cinematics.

As the lead animator, I created this time-table of which animations will be done by which animators for the game, including my own, under 'Hollie'.
I've started with research for the dragon animations, as this will be the first rig completed after the little girl rig. So far, I've been researching how bats fly, as reference for the Dragon's fly forward I am animating.

I'll be adding more of the pre-production I have done and will be doing, in further posts.

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